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University World News
This article describes the issues with using AI in vaccine discovery. Good AI relies on having enough representative data, and with COVID being such a new disease, our data are bound to be incomplete and biased.
University World News
This article describes why the elderly are the hardest to protect from COVID, even with a vaccine.
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The Tumble - Science Podcast for Kids

"How did scientists develop coronavirus vaccines in record time? New York Times science reporter Carl Zimmer is our guide to the coronavirus vaccine race - from the starting line, to the point when several teams are racing to the finish line. Find out how science gave the competitors a turbo boost that could save hundreds of millions of lives."

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Submitting my absentee ballot for the 2020 US election at the US Consulate in Hong Kong
My first-hand account of returning to HK from the US in April
We researched an emulsion polymerase chain reaction method (ePCR), which is used to replicate thousands, sometimes millions, of DNA sequences at once.

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