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Clear Water Science Consulting lowers barriers to understanding and collaboration.

We offer high quality English-language and science-language content solutions, consulting, and coaching.

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Industrial and scientific copywriting and editing - whether it's experts, technical non-experts, or the general public, I will help you develop engaging, trustworthy, and easy-to-read content.
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Do you feel that your English language skills reflect your professional skills? Become more comfortable, confident, and fluid with workplace communications.
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Would you like someone on your side to make this phase of your training or career most meaningful and productive?
Fresh eyes, ears, and thoughtful questions to guide you through your studies, career decisions, and research journey.
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Is there something you want to do and haven't done yet? Do you know why? Gain clarity, get unstuck, navigate transitions and interpersonal dynamics.
Applying to graduate school? Expert consultation for your personal statement can help you elevate your story to show that you know their program in a way that stands out.
Build trust and engagement through clear, compelling, and accurate language that speaks to your audience.
Liane Siu Slaughter, Ph.D.
Liane is a Hong Kong-based researcher, writer, editor, consultant, and coach with global experience. She earned a Ph.D. in physical chemistry, worked in nanotechnology, and served as a research assistant professor in Life Sciences at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology until 2019. She is fluent in nanotechnology, materials science, microscopy, spectroscopy, analytical techniques, biotechnology, quantitative analysis, and more. In her current work, she enables inclusive communication among people from diverse and technical backgrounds.

She works in English natively and with professional proficiency. She speaks and eats Cantonese with local proficiency.

Clear Water Science Consulting
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