Scientists and Researchers
Science, Research, and Career Coaching

Would you like someone on your side to make this phase of your training or career most meaningful and productive?
I will be your thoughtful eyes, ears, cheerleader, and questioner as you choose and design projects, navigate collaborations, interpret data, deliver journal clubs, write theses, manuscripts, and applications, prepare posters and presentations, contemplate and choose the career options right for you.

During my 17 years of experience as a researcher on multiple countries and continents, I worked in different fields, environments, and with different personalities. I built new research directions and operations. Science has no borders - while individual people and experiences are unique, some themes stay the same.

Coaching can help you with
- Preparing your manuscript and the submission, review, and revision process
- Planning and organizing your thesis
- Prioritizing research projects
- Research strategy
- Interpreting and summarizing data
- Preparing clear and succinct research updates
- Ethical discussions
- Difficult decisions
- Business communication with colleagues, advisors, and collaborators
- Thinking about what you want in your career and life, weighing your options
- Preparing for your next phase – e.g. graduate school, postdoc, first job post-grad
- Finding balance in research as a way of life
and more!

I coach in English most of the time.
When it may be helpful to you, we may also work in Chinese.
You are the world's expert of you and your research.